Scottish Basket-Hilt Broadsword

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A common weapon among the clansmen during the Jacobite rebellions of the late 17th and early 18th centuries was the Scottish basket hilt broadsword, commonly known as claidheamh or claymore meaning "great sword" in Gaelic. These swords had a heavy, broad blade and often an intricate hilt protecting the wielder's entire hand. Ceremonial versions were adorned with velvet or material inner sleeves on the hilts.

Two versions of the Scottish Basket Sword are available. The nickel version has an etched blade and steel hilt. It is supplied with a steel scabbard. The brass version has a brass hilt, a twin-fullered un-etched blade, and is supplied with a leather scabbard with brass fittings.


Nickel version

Overall Length: 102 cm

Blade Length: 84 cm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Brass Version

Length: 119 cm

Weight: 2.2 kg