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Seller of Replica Swords, Armour, Drinking Horns & more!


Company Overview

Suppliers of authentically crafted items including, swords, daggers, helmets, chainmail, accessories for historical re-enactment, drinking horns and more! We source our products from around the World, frequently visiting our suppliers while developing new products. We also source props for the movie industry.

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Swords, Damascus steel knives, armour, chainmail, axes, gambesons, shields, boots & shoes, cloaks, shawls, jewellery, etc etc.
Esford's commitment is to supply high quality authentic historical reproductions at reasonable cost. You wont find Aragorn's sword or a Samurai sword that snaps in two when looked at too strongly here. You'll also not find mass- produced toys at bargain basement prices. What you will find is hand-made, historically accurate and authentic gear that you will be able to proudly add to your armoury.


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Since 2013 Esford have been at 1/1 Stockwell Place, on the corner of Beatty and Boundary Roads in Archerfield, Brisbane. We have now moved to 45 Park Road, Grandchester, Brisbane.  Visitors are welcome to browse through our showroom weekdays between 9am and 3pm.

Faires and Festivals

Throughout the year Esford are travelling throughout Australia to bring our showroom to local, national and international medieval faires, festivals and events. This website even has the option to have your package brought to you at your local event, saving you postage and giving us a chance to meet you and serve your reenactment needs.


Contact us

Phone: 0432 146 655

e-Mail: admin@esford.com.au

Hours: 9am - 3pm AEST