Gladiator Thraex Helmet - Brass

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The Thraex was a type of Roman gladiator, armed in the Thracian style with small rectangular or square shield called a parmula and a very short sword with a slightly curved blade called a sica, intended to aim an opponent's unarmoured back. 
A common and popular Gladiator subtype, the Thraex was modelled after expansionist Rome’s encounters with their fierce Thracian foes who lived in modern day Bulgaria. Armed in the ‘’Thracian’’ manner with a small, usually rectangle ‘’parmula’’ shield, a curved sica sword and this encompassing helmet the Thraex gladiator was often paired against the heavy Murmillo gladiator who was styled after a Roman legionary. The Thraex was expected to use skill, guile and the wicked curve of his sword to get past the larger shield of his foe to land a blow. These requirements often made skillfull Thraex gladiators among the most entertaining sports combatants of their day.