Crusader Sword

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Swords used in the Crusades in Medieval Europe were descended from Viking designs brought in from Scandinavia during earlier ages. They tended to be approximately 75-100cm in length and about 5cm wide at the hilt. They were used one-handed for most of this period with longer handled bastard and two-handed swords appearing later.

Wooden handle with leather wrapping
Wooden cored, leather bound scabbard. Wooden belt loop
Tempered Blade
Overall Length: 96 cm
Blade Length: 79.5 cm
Weight: 1.3kg 
Weight with scabbard: 1.7kg
Metal components - high carbon steel grade EN45

The Light combat (Practical) "F" model is hardened and tempered, has thick (unsharpened) edges (1.5mm to 2mm thick) and the tip of the sword is rounded.

Regular (Standard) "R" model is hardened and tempered. No thick edges. No rounded tip. It is unsharpened.