15th Century Longsword

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aka 15C Ring Hilted Basket Sword 

Leather & Wire-bound Grip and Leather Scabbard. Tempered Blade
Overall Length: 1.15 m ** Blade Length: 90 cm * Weight: 1.5kg

- Made from high carbon steel grade EN45
- Light combat (Practical) "F" model is hardened and tempered, has thick (unsharpened) edges 
(1.5mm to  2mm thick) and the tip of the sword is rounded
- Regular (Standard) "R" model is hardened and tempered. No thick edges. No rounded tip.

This 15th Century sword was used by heavy cavalry during the Napoleonic Era. It features a leather covered wooden grip, elegantly bundled with twisted wire. The basket and pommel are made of nickel plated solid steel. It is battle ready and comes with a scabbard.