Pesh Kabz with Damascus Steel Blade

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Silver inlay handle. Leather sheath. Blade Length 25 cm / Overall Length 38 cm Weight: 380 grams Damascus steel, properly made, is one of the finest cutting tool materials. This quality stems from the use of two or more types of steel, each having it's own traits and grades of harden ability, toughness, abrasion resistance, etc. Once combined into multiple alternating layers, heat treated and tempered, the final product exhibits a strength, toughness and sharpness that cannot compare with other single steel blades.

The Pesh Kabz, a development of the straight blade Karud, has a re-curving blade and slightly down curving handle. It makes it an ideal armour piercing dagger that was adopted by warriors of a vast area, from Central Asia through Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.